Film Packaging – A seemingly lost or unknown art

What is Packaging? The reason you don’t know could be because most packagers are the unsung heroes of the movie business. Their names are often times not in the credits, yet without them, a lot of really huge movies would never have been made.

The duties of a script packager vary, but if a script is not packaged properly, there can be danger on the horizon…

How many times have you seen a friend or colleague write what you think is a great script and they rush-off to shoot it with very little money?

We hear about how filmmakers work like slaves to get their movies made. They work months and even years to get it finished and when it’s done they’re usually worn out, broke and sometimes divorced. Not even once per year do we hear about someone that did this and his or her project was successful. Every once in a great while there is a break through project. It gets a lot of media buzz for a short time and then it’s gone.

Now why do you suppose this is? Quite possibly they didn’t package their project or they did it improperly.

Commodity Films was founded, created and developed for the the indie filmmaker, but keeping the Hollywood formula in mind. Indie filmmakers often times have great projects that quite possibly just need a little boost. We can give it that boost.

Here is the reality: A great script, improperly packaged has a bigger chance of failing than a terrible script with a major star in it.

Once your script is ready, (we can help you get it ready) we will help you get it to the people that make the difference. Who are these people you’re wondering? Some Hollywood mogul you’ve never heard of? Nope. The answer is, the investors. If the package is right, you’ll get investors interested, get the funding and be on your way to making a REAL movie. Remember, no dough-no show.

Packaging starts with a great script. We can help with script development and script cleanup. We utilize professional coverage writers to make sure you’re on the right track. See the Contact Us page for information on how to submit and what you’ll need to do to allow us to package your script properly. We can enter into the project at any stage, so if you need a final polish or you only have a few notes on a napkin, we can help!

We package and develop small independent projects as well as high-concept scripts that are intended for the big stars and big directors.

Our Packaging services include, but are not limited to:

1. Getting your script to the right talent, i.e. big stars, TV actors, musicians, bands etc.

2.Getting your script to key personnel on the other side of the camera. This would include Directors, Cinematographers, line producers, Art Directors etc. We have talented people within our network all over the country and we have the abilities to get your script to A-List talent on both sides of the camera no matter where they live.

3. Procuring Pre-Distribution Deals

4. Finding and procuring financing for your project